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I am Lisa Gray.

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I have spent much of my life making art.   Painting, storytelling, photography--art is my drug.  In elementary school I produced my first play: directing, acting, and scene production.  I even did the sound stage and lighting.  Later, I  was involved in local theater work, taking on the roles of acting, directing, and producing.

As a teenager, I produced my first short film on an old camcorder.  It was a piece about escaping the stresses of life by exploring the world on a motorbike.  I wrote the scenes, prepared the costumes, special effects, and even wrote and performed an original score for the film.  It was perfectly awful--grainy, horrific sound quality--and I was enthralled by the medium and the process of being able to create worlds.


I became fascinated with cameras due to a close family member's work in photography.  I produced a few limited distribution shorts, instantly hooked on bringing the worlds that I could envision to life .


I had become keenly aware of the singular ability to truth-tell with cinema. Capturing truths on camera whether beautiful or aggrieved in the most honest and organic fashion became my artistic mission statement as a documentary film producer.


The stories I tell with film aren't about me, rather I am blessed that they come through me, with a life of their own, with their own stories to tell.  This authenticity is sacrosanct to me.  Honoring the truth that unfolds and telling it in the clearest way possible is what my documentaries are about.

Lisa Gray

Documentary Filmmaker

“Cinema is not only about making people dream. It’s about changing things and making people think.”
–  Nadine Labaki

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