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Lisa Gray

Documentary Filmmaker

Our Bus is On Fire


A Lisa Gray Film

Best Indie Documentary



8 & HalFilms Awards

Best Social Themed Feature Film



BridgeFest International Film Festival

  • Santa Clarita International Film Festival

  • Crown Point International Film Festival

  • Washington DC International Cinema Fest

  • Golden Giraffe International Film Festival

  • LA SciFi & Horror Festival

  • Red Movie Awards


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About The Film

The impetus for Our Bus is On Fire comes from our incendiary climate of political upheaval, discrimination, and injustice.


Consumed by a fire to tell the individual stories of those who have everything at stake, Lisa traveled to the heart of the Civil Rights movement of the sixties to have in depth conversations with the new rise of social justice seekers.


"Our story begins with a simple idea that,  once ignited, spread like wildfire. I went to 5 campuses in Atlanta to talk to students about their own sense of civic responsibility in a midterm race that held the attention of the country.


It began with a question of 'why does one vote matter' and began a discussion which revealed haunting personal and historical journeys; impassioned cries for equality; voices of clarity; yet amid the dark stories of cruel injustices, I could see the promise of a better world shining through.


Painfully aware of the many social justice issues today, I wanted to show the young face of the human rights movement. What I discovered surprised even myself. I found phenomenally erudite, informed, and passionate people speaking courageously. It amazed and humbled me, and it gave me immense hope.  I am honored to share their voices with you."

                                                     ~ Lisa Gray

Our Bus is On Fire (theatrical trailer)

Our Bus is On Fire (theatrical trailer)

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Our Bus is On Fire